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Dog Grooming

The Quality Care Your Pet Deserves

Dedicated to our passion and adoration for animal care, Groom Me Gorgeous has been providing loyal and loving mobile pet grooming to the Greater Houston area for over 10 years. With over decades of experience and training, we understand the expectations of all pet parents.  We pride ourselves on patience, kindness, and competence.  We strive to provide our pets with a calm, stress-free, relaxing environment.  We are always learning about new care techniques and pride ourselves on improving our skill set so that we can provide the best care for our furry clients.  We can’t wait to start looking after your precious pet.


What a blessing to have learned about Groom Me Gorgeous! 

Not only does Max look gorgeous and more comfortable now,

I can tell he had a positive experience. 


  • One on One experience. 

  • All our attention is on your pet.

  • Quality over Quanity

  • Individually Tailored Experience

  • We cater to your pets special needs and requests.

  • No Waiting

  • Pet isn't part of a production line. 

  • No Distractions

  • Blow dry by hand, no cages

  • No exposure to other pets.

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  • Service at your doorstep.

  • State of the art vans.

  • Fully Self Contained

  • Climate Controlled

  • Eliminates the need to transport your pet.

  • Service that accommodates your schedule and location.  

  • Standing Appointments - Your pet will be kept well groomed on a regular basis with a reminder text the day before.

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Health and Safety

  • We provide a clean, sanitary, professional environment.

  •  Premium, pet-safe disinfectants used. 

  • Units and accessories are sanitized after each pet.

  • Elimiates exposure to other animals, excessive barking, and diseases.

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